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Superman Ii Donner Cut 1080p 41

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Superman Ii Donner Cut 1080p 41

0:00:01 0-00-02: the opening scene from the donner cut has clark kent in front of a window at the daily planet. two reporters question clark about his abilities, and one of the men says to clark, "you must be some kind of freak. you fly around like a bird." the two men leave, and clark returns to his desk. the scene then cuts to the beginning of the film, where he is greeted by his co-workers at the office.

0:00:09 0-00-06: the camera cuts to a shot of clark looking out of a window, which is in metropolis. a voice is heard, saying, "do you believe in miracles" then, a new newspaper headline is shown: "superman travels from earth to mars." clark, who is back at his desk, looks at the paper and says, "superman."

1:17:54 1-17-53: the opening titles for superman ii were filmed with an adapted, re-synchronized version of the original title sequences. in the original version of the film, when the credits begin to roll, the logo fades in slowly. in the donner cut, the logo is faded in all at once. there is also a shot of the logo at the beginning of the opening credits as superman ii was supposed to have been filmed. (in the movies anywhere release of the film, the first two title cards are completely removed from the film.)

2:54:37 2-53-24: the sequence of four kryptonians is largely intact from the donner cut version of the film, and is slightly more similar to the theatrical version, though the fighting and kryptonians are all filmed from a wider, more cinematic camera angle. the theatrical version of the scene was shot with a straight angle and more focused on the two kryptonians, which was fine, but in the donner cut the angle is more wide and the screen fills with the other two kryptonians. the donner cut version also has no music, and a fade-in of music, which was added in the 1980 theatrical release. 3d9ccd7d82

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