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“In a democracy the poor will have more power than the rich, because there are more of them, and the will of the majority is supreme. &
It is also in the interests of a tyrant to keep his people poor, so that they may not be able to afford the cost of protecting themselves by arms and be so occupied with their daily tasks that they have no time for rebellion.”

― Aristotle


"The World we create is built on the Foundation(s) of Society and Culture"


The purpose of this website is to:  educate - inspire - change but also, simply, as my website for launching a political campaign.

Given the state of the world; the environment and the global climate emergency, economics, politics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, genetic modification (the "Anthropocene" and "fourth industrial revolution"), and all of the things and ways in which these things intersect and encompass; I feel a deep sense of urgency in opening a dialogue or inviting one to open their minds about the current systems and where we are headed. 

The website is made from the perspective of a Presidential U.S. candidate. I believe every elected public servant/official should develop their own views on the issues and make them known if running for office. It turned into (developed) more than that potentially with quite a few very cool ideas I would propose/support that have dealings with the whole world.

Whether a person agrees with my views or not, is fine. It's just little me and some ideas (or ideals) and things that I think would make for a better and more perfect democracy and world as we (humanity) move forward in these interesting unprecedented times.

Evolution and progress are always constant. Time unrelenting. 



My blog is meant to be more of just a personal blog and sometimes doesn't have much to do with politics or political views as much as it is about getting to know me and my thinking/thoughts on various subjects (a relevant post here, also here) and just sharing videos and information I like and find either helpful or relevant. I do think politics and our beliefs and views about various things matter and so transcend and carry out into the world so there are considerations of course, and character, etc. of people matter - not just what they purport to believe in. 


I like my blog a lot; the website, being as it is political, is hard to make perfect when its purpose is to just give and convey my views and "essence" on various specific subjects concisely and briefly. It's kind of a hard and an imperfect task. I do like my "Re-Imagining Government" section a lot and think or find it very interesting and novel. Is pretty awesome in my opinion and has changed my thinking on how I view things and the world (really challenges the narratives or lenses of how one can view things on a global scale and then also within the domestic or national scale and the labels of Democrat/Republican and Conservative/Progressive; Capitalist/Socialist; Libertarian/Authoritarian).


I've learned a lot about various things through my blog and have enjoyed making it and better developing positions on various topics.


I believe in fixing problems at the source and from the bottom up but change needs to be implemented and be made possible starting from the top.  So from the bottom up, the common everyday person, it starts with education and knowledge, our base, and that starts with challenging our perspectives and being open to new ideas - learning and expounding upon what we know.

Some of my ideas are just ideals or maybe a "fantasy" but I think my ideas could realistically become reality and result in a lot of good changes. I feel I have quite a few good ideas I believe that a lot of people would agree with, at least partially anyway. A lot of us aren't too happy about the current systems or government in place. I think some of the problems we have are due to the nature of money and power (our media encompassing therein as well). There are (in the United States) only two main parties and lines of thought and thinking with corporations backing one side and corporations backing the other side. The effects we can see now are tearing us (Americans) apart which is seemingly what those in power want. 




Against: Injustice and Poverty, Unfairness, Oppression, Centralizing Power and Control, Division, Disrespect, Dishonesty, Deceit. -- A lot of this has to do with manufacturing consent for war and/or profits - such as people representing on our/the peoples behalf who act without majority support for war(s) and playing "God" - editing and changing DNA for example, experimenting with nature without knowing all the consequences and future implications (unforeseen consequences). Creating layers and layers of Law(s) and hiding behind layers and layers of vessels/corruption/lies (messengers and actors, "headline news").


Am For: Freedom (for individual rights and community and choice/opportunity), Knowledge, Unity through respect of differences. Increasing real Democracy, Family Values and personal Morals and Virtues (development of the individual), Transparency and Choice(s) - accountability.

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