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Neoliberalism, International Relations, futurism

Neoliberalism - such as free trade deals have been getting more attention recently. Especially in the last general election without anyone actually saying the word "neoliberalism". That is because the mainstream corporate media (mostly all owned by a few mega-conglomerates) and the powers that be probably don't want the average person to research the word. I've learned much, had my thoughts and feelings confirmed by the writings and interviews of Professor Noam Chomsky. I think Noam Chomsky is a true humanitarian and a national treasure. He will be greatly missed when he passes away. You can watch many many interviews on Youtube such as this one:

Some might say Mr. Chomsky is "anti-American", I would say he's a courageous hero that doesn't let other people put him into a box. A gentleman, a scholar, author, and many more complimentary adjectives one could use. Throughout much of the world - America is not liked - they often think we are brainwashed, crazy people - dangerous and powerful. Trying to impose and bully smaller countries for the benefit of certain multinational corporations. Freedom and liberation are the words we use.

I am against unnecessary wars, especially over fossil fuels and heavily support movements that would upgrade our infrastructure (power grid) and move America towards a low carbon smart (internet-connected smart devices) economy. It's obvious that that is the way of the future with self-driving electric cars etc. Thomas Friedman's book, "Hot, Flat and Crowded 2.0" is a pretty good example.


I support human rights around the world including ending support of funding for Israel if they continue to violate International Laws. I understand that our relations with countries like Saudi Arabia and others are important to maintain but do think it's important that we recognize some of our countries' weaknesses or factors that can be exploited in international relations and work to lessen dependencies. 

I support our Military personnel much - think they are some of the best people we have in our great country but think the military budget is much too high. I support giving our troops the best training, resources, and equipment but think there is some unnecessary spending and some bad decision-making on that spending. These are very complex issues - we live in a very complex world (that's for sure). Staying ahead of the curve technologically military-wise is obviously very important. I think being able to recruit some of the brightest minds and best people is very important for the overall Department of Defense. I think we need to continue to shift to a smaller but elite group of soldiers and officers that are highly trained and highly proficient and strategically shift to a more defensive rather than offensive mindset or overall strategy. I would encourage policy that optimizes the military budget and shifts away from being in so many contracts with third-party military companies. No doubt though that these companies employ individuals with key knowledge and skills that are necessary but would like to look into ways that would be more efficient and cost-effective.


I also think we, as the whole (the people of the United States), need to think more about who we elect to lead and direct our great and substantial military force. As a previous soldier and reservist, I personally didn't like it when Mr. Trump was elected. I believe it can hurt our retention and recruitment of good soldiers/people. For instance, while I was a reservist there was much talk in the middle latter half of 2017 of war with N. Korea. Soldiers and officers will carry out their orders no matter what, but think - would you personally want to go fight in a war with N. Korea because of our Federal Government mishandling relations or N. Korea "misbehaving" so to speak? Would you be willing to put your life at risk fighting in a country or causes that you personally don't care about at all? I don't think many people would. 

I think we should re-think our foreign relations. Diplomacy and peace should always be the foremost concerns or objectives. Respect - for lives and cultures, ways of life, democracy. Lead by example and try to love and be loved. America and us American people are loved for many things but we are also feared. Let's try to move put the past behind us and move forward. Always forward, while learning from the past, is the only way forward. 

There are a lot of other issues that I think could be improved for our military members as well - such as requirements for re-enlistment and bonuses. For instance, I probably would have re-enlisted in the reserves (under a different MOS) but bonuses (pretty large at the time) were not available, because I wasn't MOS certified. I couldn't get MOS certified unless I had a certain amount of time left on my contract. I previously couldn't get MOS certified because of personal life - going to college. I couldn't get a dental implant done for free by the military, because I got deployed and then I was in-eligible for an implant (but could get a bridge) because I didn't have enough time left on my contract. There are a lot of little things that could be made better to improve retention and morale. The military also loses a lot of good people and talent often because the pay is too low - have seen it with my own eyes and was only in the Army Reserves for less than two years - soldiers and officers losing money going to weekend drill for example, should be able, in my opinion,  and if a person can provide proof, to make up that lost difference in money (get paid more) by choosing to serve our country! I think time spent at drill can be made much better by paying military members for their time on all the tasks they have to do when not at drill, and then actually having good quality training and/or job tasks while at drill.


If elected, I would like hearing about small and big issues that can affect people and their lives that could be made better, in all areas of life.


  • Disband NATO – Increasing military alliances and militarization around the world while in the advanced and rapidly advancing technological “post-modern” “post-neoliberal” “post-liberal” age while NATO clause article 5 states that if any NATO member is attacked that all NATO nations must come to their aid in response is irresponsible modern statecraft and escalatory by design. All nations should have independent and sovereign action especially when it comes to war. War’s should be avoided at all costs but if they do take place, the wiser action is to let the conflict not escalate into something larger, affecting more people, equaling more human deaths and suffering and also affecting the world economy (also increasing greenhouse gas emissions and using our finite supply of fossil fuels going towards killing each other).

  • Eliminate the C.I.A. and end foreign interventions including globalist imperial actions- The C.I.A. should be, in its current form, eliminated and a new intelligence service should be effectively built from the ground up including the laws and rights pertaining to and holding therein. Hold all previous leaders who have ordered Federal employees to commit illegal international acts to account in the International Court of Law. The new C.I.A. should be audited and overseen by an independent agency set up explicitly for said task. Hold C.I.A. employees to the highest levels of personal responsibility and professionalism and to account for all actions taken under and in service of the people and government of the United States of America. Redo the NSA and redact national security laws that invade upon our personal privacy. - Reopen the discussion on Federal privacy laws (including especially regarding cell phones) and personal private information collected by Big Tech companies with the larger public. To discuss the use thereof for the purposes of - domestic security, -anti-drug (anti-cartel especially), -anti-human-trafficking, public health and safety (-this includes, is especially important to have a more transparent government and increasing democracy), national and public development and developments, advancement of the sciences and useful technologies. Audit the F.B.I. and hold leaders accountable for wrongful actions including racial profiling, unwarranted arrests, drug trafficking, etc.

  • Hold politicians, corporations and their shareholders including CEOs to account if found guilty of public deception and fraud- Politicians who are found guilty of public deception in an attempt for personal political and economic gain and political wins should be prosecuted and tried in national courts. The same goes for corporations and the responsible people who hold power within them. 

  • Have a more transparent government - There is too much secrecy within the federal government and its agencies including the U.S. Armed Forces. We need to move towards a more sensible, leaner and effective systems especially regarding the use of and implementation of information deemed secret and top secret. Only classifying as such, as needed, that which is critical to guard against international and national terrorism and competing and hostile governments and forces. 

  • Move the Capital Headquarters - "Drain the swamp"?, Why not move away from the swamp? Easiest fastest way to isolate our highest level of politics and politicians from undue outsider political interference and influences.

Need to also add to my site and discuss:


  • Cutting the military budget - Cut the bloated military budget down to atleast 300 billion/yr. level spending over a relatively short period of time. Give up, abandon or repurpose U.S. military bases around the world and move to a defensive military posture as the standard or new normal. Focus especially on developing advanced defenses including and especially air and missile defense. 

  • Increasing Democracy and decentralizing power –

  • Reforming agriculture – (more, better explanations)

  • Protecting minors from sexualization – no sexualized content or conduct allowed in P-K-12 public schools including transgender content.

  • Protecting the 1st Amendment – No banning of or censoring people for expressing legitimate views and opinions on social media platforms. Treating as a minor crime (within a re-worked prison system – like akin to “retraining punishments”) online calls (inciting) to violence towards other people.

  • Banking – Disband the Fed – already have that one – but banking – and Wall St. – Nationalize all bank employees moving to public banks only under a Public Central Bank which does not have the power to print/press money on its own whims. Do away with debt-based or interest-based money. Money should only be a tool for transactions involving the exchange of goods or services, not a tool in and of itself upon which it has any utility to be used for financial gain in and of itself. Work to end the high finance and do away with speculative and derivative trading. Ban day trading and place a limit on the holdings of a stock for 10 days before being allowed to sell (easiest and simplest way I can think of anyhow, am open to ideas and suggestions).


  • Work with China and Russia on a new global, multi-polar world and inherently within that, a new global vision for the global economy and global development. – Stop the negative effects of global capitalist competition that is unfair/unjust and leads to wars and oppression across the world. Help other countries develop true independence and economically progress while developing true sustainably and freedom. “End debt-based slavery”.

  • Work to nationalize public resources for the benefit of the nation and the people of the United States within the new multipolar capitalist world.​

    • Protect people and the environment from the greed of corporations/capitalism, especially including protecting our nations fresh water supplies and streams.

  • Develop and implement more socialist policies that work to end hunger and homelessness within the United States and abroad including developing a more dynamic economy within to reward work and not wealth including redoing estate taxes and implementing wealth taxes.

  • End the subsidization of monopolies.

  • Dismantle big pharma - Audit National Health services and agencies including Food and Drug

  • Fix our hugely costly, inefficient healthcare system - Either implementing a competitive capitalist/market pricing system that actually encourages competition, thus lowering prices of healthcare, doing away with private health insurance and possibly auditing hospitals, etc. for price gouging OR implementing a nationalized health system whether totally free, mixed (with private options for more "premium, high level" or urgent care including specialty care and procedures) OR and what is best in my opinion - implementing, within a nationalized health system, nationalized price controls with a national holdings account for costly, life-threatening procedures and assistance to those in need and assistance (all assistance) based on income along with the price of services ALONG with private options as like per the above (not totally socialist, but leaving room for efficiency innovation, innovation, etc. (private markets and biotechnology research etc.) that are the positive aspects of capitalism thus it will be continually improving over time and getting cheaper and more efficient over time, NOT MORE). 

  • Making stringent laws in regards to Federal and private partnerships -  Such as individuals moving to and fro and holding positions, especially of power within private corporations - that is ending under the table "quid-pro-quo" non-professional relations and relationships between Federal and private entities including within the military-industrial complex

  • - Dismantle Big Agriculture and big agriculture monopolies, challenge national federal court rulings on the patentability and patentability limitations on the use of seeds for produce and require more and better long-term health studies before allowing the use of genetically modified food crops while working within the reality of the current economics and the -on-the-ground realities for a more smooth and less disrupting system shock while doing so.

  • Do away with and challenge previous Supreme Court rulings regarding the sanctity of corporations as persons and laws that only work to promote profits at all costs (if corporations are indeed persons, they also then should have the right to and freedom of speech). – I believe in limited rights for corporations that sets precedents for an equal footing for all such as allowing a corporation to have 2 lobbyists per. – Ending PACs and SuperPACs and working to put an end to money playing a large role in democracy and our political system – limiting campaign donations severely and to individuals possibly only.

  • Implement a Final Five Voting system (link).

  • End the profit-based, private prison system – Implement more scientifically backed approaches to rehabilitation with good intent upon the individual's development to re-enter and benefit positively to the society and the economy. (-End the Federal Reserve and seek to end unemployment and inflation – not put targets of 2% unemployment and inflation levels).

  • Work to deconstruct old and false economics and economic teachings and work to implement a new and truly scientific economics that includes the natural (and the built) environment (including and especially, pollution and “negative externalities”). – Work to implement a/the (sustainable and dynamic) circular economy and circular economy principles while fighting off monopolizing actors and effects and the laws that impede upon competition and local and small business(es).  

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