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A little more about me:

I am an ISTP (introverted, sensing, thinking, perceiving) personality type ( Though I am mostly an ISTP I do often like learning about and appreciate philosophy, art, social issues, etc. and especially appreciate creativity. I don't believe people are set in their personality trait types and that it isn't binary in that way but these concepts do help one learn more about themselves.


I feel actually I am a strong candidate to serve as a representative or leader because I like to understand the big picture and how the world works. I'm also quite smart (not a genius or anything) with very high reading compression and logical thinking. 


I am not an overly charismatic person I feel - in the way other people view and see me. I don't have a very good voice (in my opinion anyway) and have a speech impediment which I received help with throughout grade school and was made fun of a few times as a kid. I'm not the best mechanic (ISTP's often known for) actually but very good with computers (maybe it's because I'm ~1/4 Okinawan) and systems thinking and connecting the dots so to speak. I feel oftentimes politics would favor extroverted people due to their natural social tendencies but introverts might actually make better politicians (in general, and at times, not always of course, but yes, better commanders and strategists). I can often struggle (I feel) a bit with other people's emotions or have delayed emotional responses (emotional intelligence) but actually, cry quite easily and feel very emotionally stable nowadays since growing older, wiser, and softer. Real strength is not being scared of feeling and having emotions. 

I can get bored easily and quickly - don't go out much and have trouble making new (real) friends. I also am very conservative with my money and haven't made much in my life but I have some nice things. I don't have any problem making acquaintances with fellow classmates or co-workers or anything, I just find it hard to make good friends.


I like having my mind stimulated - learning and self-development, playing and watching video games (too much) and generally attracted to things with unlimited skill potential such as certain video games (Starcraft 2, first-person shooters, long-range distance shooting (Stephen Hunter books as a teen got me interested, too expensive for me though), basketball, etc.) (Updated: I quit videogames entirely and watching sports for the most part). I enjoy the outdoors much such as going to new places, hiking, and fishing. I would love to travel to many foreign countries but especially interested in visiting places like Belize to see the Mayan ruins, the Amazon rainforest in general, Italy (Dan Brown books), lots of places in Asia, etc. 

I have had depression and anxiety in the past as a teenager and actually dropped out of High School - it was almost like a manic episode (anxiety and OCD type problems - this is common for many people to experience at least once in their lifetimes I've read). As a teenager and after losing my belief in a God (about 14 years old) I often questioned the purpose of life in our capitalistic society - What's the point of learning and trying when everyone just has to work all their life and then die? Who cares about school and things, I just want to have fun. That type of thinking changed once I became an adult and got into the real world. I've learned that happiness truly does come from within - hard work and working towards your goals and having a purpose in life is very important. I've also learned - through experience in the Army and life (and an especially good book I read was "The Philosopher and the Wolf" by Mark Rowlands) that we learn, remember and grow the most in the hardest of times or experiences of our lives. "The darkest nights produce the brightest stars". Most people are constantly seeking happiness and fulfillment of this "need" but I've learned there is more to life and happiness, and being or obtaining true happiness and peace. I feel I am happiest when I am happy with myself - for example, getting good grades in college and having a balanced life.

Update 03/17/2021: I am wanting to really commit to becoming a President Candidate and devoting my life fully to this endeavor. I feel I must be the one to do it as I am the original architect of my propositions. I feel all of this could be made eschew if others were to steal it all and then possibly implementing/changing things that are not beneficial to society. Of course, this is because I am me, and so know me, and know I am a decent person and capable of doing a lot of good work. I would love to change history. I believe in my ideas and ideals. I know where my heart lies. I would die for the world to know and for these things to become like wildfire, spreading throughout the land. It is more than just ideas - ideas without morals or limits can have bad consequences. Science and technology for example. Change is needed. Sacrifice for the greater good, not just for power and money. The President has much power but also a lot of checks and balances. It is a great foundation our countries democracy was built on but as of now, the President of the U.S. holds too much power and if I were President I would make/help my team draft good legislation to remove a lot of Presidential power(s).  What is even bigger is the social movement and the ideas and the lasting impact of ending corruption and helping everyone, no matter background, restore faith in humanity (hope) and democracy and to fight for good and to do good. To feel like there are no limitations, only those we place on ourselves. Must leave the past behind, can only go forward. 

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