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What I Think a President Should be Like

(another reason I've decided to do this)

I think I could make for a decent President:

I believe, ideally, a U.S. President should have some military experience and not just commanding (though that's okay), but the experience of being a soldier I think is very admirable. They should be of good or great character and mind. Have interests in many different things to better have wider more understanding perspectives (emphasize and try to think of everything, all angles).


I think they should have a good grounding/education in science, technology -> STEM in general but have a mind that is well suited for political science and sociology, etc. A big picture systems thinker, but also with creativity and innovative thinking. They should be a person who has many interests and constantly feeding their mind (interest in a variety of subjects and things). They should try to stay up-to-date on the latest in technology, science (science basically encompasses technology, math, and all disciplines of science you could say in my opinion), world news and events. All humans are just imperfect beings though and we only have so much time. Priorities. They should be interested in understanding how the world works and be able to see through and judge things (analyze) truth from fiction and what is most significant and meaningful. Appreciating all things and the history and development, the context of things, is important. 

They should be humble and true. Not a person who seeks to deceive or confuse people - sending mixed messages or signals. Very important especially to our institutions, education, business, the economy so people can make firm and good decisions. They should be a realist and compassionate, yet also tough, strong (mentally strong most important, though strength is not everything). The smarter the better obviously but the makeup and character - the backbone of the person, that is their integrity, strength, flexibility, open-mindedness, matter just as much if not more. They should be able to read people decently so to better be able to judge the character and true intention (or realness) of people. They shouldn't just be wanting power and seeking personal gain but have truly the best intentions for the United States and the larger world. 

They might have had a hard life and experience doing lots of different jobs. They shouldn't be a sheltered person. They shouldn't be a fearful person. Should have true compassion and understanding of the condition of the everyday American citizen. Maybe have a lot of different aspects to their character/personality. Should be charismatic but may be camera shy or whatever, that's okay, being true and real and a good person is more important. They should have true respect and integrity especially of others (culture, backgrounds, etc.) but also the Earth itself. They should recognize their imperfection as stated before and listen to and respect people close to them in their staff and the experts in Government and Universities etc. very much so. They should be very original and the true owner of their ideas, beliefs, etc. Of very high character, though obviously open to ideas, new learnings, and perspectives. 

Once this person actually makes this choice to be/attempt to be President or a Congress member they should work on their areas of weakness in that which they lack understanding of (for me that would be economics and aspects of big business, world economics, and the art of reading and writing bills and laws, also public speaking and marketing/psychology (but I believe deception and lying or targeting people and changing/appealing marketing to get votes is wrong and people should be able to see through such tactics)). So they can better do their job(s) entrusted to them. They should work on themselves to become the person they would want to see as the U.S. President. 

As the saying goes, "To seek what we want to become, we have to work towards that reality, and it can become reality".  

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