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Short Summary: I think healthcare costs are much too high and grossly over-expensive in the United States and the system can and needs to be much improved or overhauled completely

I would support major healthcare reform and observe the fact that some of the happiest countries in the world are "democrat socialist" with free public health care. That is not to be overlooked but do believe in individuality to an extent within this realm and personal responsibility as well and consider the past policy effects, social culture effects, etc.


I believe that we should do away with health insurance for the most part and people should just pay a fair price for the care they need, with maybe a bit of insurance if a person wants it and can afford it. Government involvement and policy development (laws etc.) over time have shown to increase the costs of health insurance along with the fact that we have a for-profit health care system.


I'm no true expert on the issue, but I know enough to say that it's not working very efficiently (in true capitalist markets, prices go down as technology and people and our intelligence advance and the market fosters a competitive environment with a lot of choice).


I believe  the government and governments (state and local) must act more like it does in relations to utility companies in regard to health care, that profits and prices should be regulated more and for government and people to take more of an active role in shaping how we want our healthcare system to be - in terms of access, costs, fair practices, regulations and pay for medical professionals. The government if ran as a business in this area could use A.I. type technologies to develop the best, most efficient and lowest cost system or proposals for what is best and this information should be presented to the American public for it to be voted upon. If a medicare for all system would turn out to be the best overall (which I doubt in the long-term would be the case, as it could stifle development and R&D, I believe anyway) and the people want that, then I believe politicians and the government should deliver that to them.

In response to a free, government-run healthcare program (M4A):

It does sound very nice to provide free healthcare and I believe most services shouldn’t be crazy expensive – especially preventative services but….let's be real: if healthcare were totally free, people would probably try to take advantage.  For instance, if I don’t have to worry about healthcare costs and I'm a young 19 year old who wants to go have fun dirt biking or something like that there would be little to stop me from reconsidering engaging in potentially dangerous activities that otherwise would or could cost a lot of money if I got injured (Personal Risk Assessment/Management). 


What about our unhealthy food system and the pharmaceutical industry for example. Has it not become set up oftentimes to make people sick and unhealthy, addicted to things that are bad for us or make somebody or some company money? What about the individuals who actually take care of themselves and their health – who actually spend money and time on their health - should they be taxed more to pay for another person because he/she doesn’t care much about their health? Obesity, high fructose corn syrup drinks, fast food, smoking - our health and food systems are not set up (by and large, with the federal government subsidizing unhealthy food and food systems, for example, high fructose corn syrup and favoring big agriculture) for actually caring about peoples health – most all of our systems are set up for the benefit of certain or various corporations – which have most likely (or have) influenced our government for their benefit and profit.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with paying a bit for services – it takes a lot of schooling and these are hard-working people who deserve to be paid well - and businesses with many requirements and costs but we do need healthcare reform and health insurance reform but totally free healthcare is not a good idea in my opinion, especially in our country with so many systematic issues stemming from greed/trying to make profits and our rising debt and size of federal government/spending.

I also support taking care of the elderly properly that allows for quality care while still allowing individuals and families to pass down wealth. Currently, our system is set up so that elderly people who need care have to go essentially bankrupted before being eligible to live in nursing homes. I support ending loopholes in general that are only mostly known or taken advantage of by wealthier people and families. 

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