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Some cool ideas- More evidence of originality and authenticity. I'm worried my information, ideas, etc. are being wrongfully taken from me in this age of the Internet but whatever, even if so, hopefully will turn out to be good effects/results.


Its November 08, 2020, Sunday:


Yes, obviously some personal weird information in here but also a lot of good ideas to be thought about.


I'm not so sure of everything such as dissolving mergers and every company for themselves (especially these things!) but I think that could be good for consumers and capitalism and even the original business owners/stakeholders. I think most mergers should/need to be approved by a governing body or society in general as some truly do turn out to be good for consumers while some don't turn out to be so great. I think partnerships are fine though and if a company declares for bankruptcy, obviously then their assets can/could be bought. 

Take Disney, ESPN, and ABC for example. These companies are fine by themselves and all doing well. There's no need for a mega-conglomerate - merger/takeover. Think of how if each company were independent how each company instead focuses on itself and has a more branched out power structure in place with less corporate direction and control. I believe we would all be better off and the companies themselves would be better. It would give small businesses more opportunity to grow and compete.


            -> Individuality. Individuality is already the future - individual stars are already the future (think Youtube and Twitch stars). Corporate systems of control, especially in the/our media, are already unraveling.

I think it would be nice to collect back taxes (from a certain agreed-upon time point) and even sue some of the big oil companies etc. who have been in the practice of deceiving the American people. Not sure if it can be done, especially with the Supreme Court Justice's we have now. That money could be used to improve our infrastructure (giving jobs to people) and help us (the U.S.) get out of debt. We all know inflation has soared while the average person is not making much more and that the wealthiest people and businesses have gotten more and more rich. Just increasing the minimum wage does not truly address income inequality and I believe could result in higher inflation and more devaluation of the American dollar.

     -> It would hardly hurt some Companies/Businesses' future prospects and positions if they had to pay say 14% or even higher percent back taxes. Think Google or Amazon and their position and assets they have now and their positions going forward in the 21st C. It really would only be a small blip on the radar/forecast for many big businesses. Where/what is all this money going to go to anyway and for whom? Should these few elites be the pickers and choosers in the stock market on what companies should prevail and prosper and what companies languish? While the world needs America's help and America needs America's help to fight inequality and the climate emergency? I'm not so sure myself about these types of things, but it is only a conversation that I think we, the American people, deserve to be hearing and having! That is all.



Also a conversation I would like to hear more about is what direction humanity is taking? Who and/or what should be leading us? That's why I've made this website really in the first place - Towards true advancement in science, tech, world peace, etc.? Should corporations and those with the most money (power) be it? The Government is important obviously especially the United States Government but yeah...Are they really even the most powerful entity in the United States if corporations have so much effect on influence on our politics? If politicians are working on their behalf's and both sides are divided and arguing so much and this side, is backed by these corporations and people etc. and the other is backed by these others...who is really running things?


I believe we should question this (ha!, most definitely, more like protest this) and possibly change it for the better in this critical time for the future of our planet.


I think Gov. officials and lobbyists who do illegal and shadowy deals/activities should be tried in the court of law and sent to prison if found guilty.


Also if Gov. officials knowingly cause or take actions that they know (or have a chance to) can cause harm or death to U.S. citizens and military personnel especially, but any person (All people are citizens of some country of course) without due process and authority should also be tried in the court of law. These things are supposed to be taking place, yes, but is justice really being served? Is that "okay"? is that the America we want and the example we want to set for ourselves and the rest of the world?

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