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Utopia or the makings of a hellish system? Centralization - Universal basic incomes and systems thinking (permaculture principles - towards a circular economy) within society

04-15-2021: Upon more learning and reflection, I ponder if implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) would be going too far to the left and would or could be the makings of a disaster for the United States. I think maybe in the future, possibly very soon actually, I think it would be a good idea when automation starts replacing a lot of jobs. Until then, I think it's too costly for our government and we should focus on bringing down the national debt and transitioning to a circular economy, lowering our pollution of greenhouse gases, building up communities, urban, rural and everything in-between to go to more of a sharing economy with a lot of gardens and sustainable agriculture (seriously).  



Upon more learning and reflection, I ponder if implementing a Universal Basic Income (UBI) would be going too far to the left and would or could be the makings of a disaster for the United States. -->

Politicians would or could then be catering to people based upon their support of raising the UBI. Centralization and the news media, social networks, etc. all these things could lead to a kind of techno-feudalism that may already be happening and acting in society today. I am against this kind of top-down control and believe it would lead to a lot of people becoming sick and disconnected and results in a ruling class and then, everyone else.



I believe in doing good, truly good, for people and the planet. This also means the upbringing of the child. To instill lasting character - "the foundations of a strong society is built around culture and shared values such as; morals such as respect, mental toughness, kindness, strength, love (of self and others), learning, ethics, mentality, perspective, mental makeup, health.

With this new kind of thinking, I believe the America we have now is not so bad of a place as we or one can make it out to be. It could be better and progress will always continue but I believe we need to shape and direct it for the health of the planet, each other, and ourselves. If we just allow the global elite to run things (the whole world) I fear how the world will be for future generations and the loss of so much culture and diversity.


 I'm not so sure of a UBI at this time yet and if our world is in such a good and healthy condition as it is now (considering the health of the planet and people and also the global state of international relations), for a UBI to yet be considered, especially considering the majority of people can't even trust our government or some of it's agencies that are monitoring us (no transparency).


One also to question if a UBI would be good in the long-run: Would a UBI just cause inflation and a new level of poor, and therefore, a positive feedback loop, that would then need to be fed over time? - if inflation isn't controlled, yes... or if the world stays on a debt-based monetary system - always printing and adding more money into the system).


Ideally, we would be raising healthy (mentally healthy and vibrant, resilient people/children is the most important) smart individuals that are well adapted to others and society, and we would have well-paying jobs and fair systems (such as health care, retirement, inheritance, etc.) while also being in alignment with the planet and biosphere which we rely upon. The EU is already working on the implementation towards a circular economy and I believe that is the answer as well. The world is already heading in that direction, but there are many challenges that need to be faced and changes to be implemented. Constructing good healthy legislation for the economy and the free market would help people and the planet (and helping the planet is helping ourselves and the future) the most - not more over-reach and over-step of federal regulation and governance - I believe the Government should play more of the role of "the guiding hand" as it's written in the Constitution of the United States by our founding fathers if possible and a lot of that would just be doing what is right for our planet in making laws and encouraging more vibrant local economies (support of small businesses/individuals). We should not allow ourselves to give up our power. Decentralization is anti-feudalism, anti-communism, etc. Actual true socialism where the individual is allowed to vote on just about any issue, local or federal and within their workplace/company. 


Hard is easy. Easy is hard. 

What goes up, must come down - Economics and the world today - The U.S. and E.U. will lose to China in capitalism if we keep printing money and not dealing with issues such as climate and surrendering power to centralizing authorities - organizations - with much more money and therefore power, then even our government(s) has (have). What is needed is a new and viable 3rd party (it does seem).

Blog posts also here and here.

Is the U.N. actually somehow connected to "the Davos Universe"? (see video and look up "the great reset 2020" if you want to learn more, also my blog has some things). Climate change is real and people/organizations in power do seem to be using it as a means for power and control - maybe. Did the people at Davos expect and then want a response from the people and the masses? "a Great Awakening?" It is all public. They're not hiding it. 


Good questions to ponder. It seems like the U.N. is a legitimately good organization, organizing the world nations for common goals and interests that are of importance to the whole world - like climate change. Connecting them with Davos seems like a stretch and a conspiracy theory. Thousands seemingly "help" (such as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) or work with the U.N. - thousands attend the U.N. conferences from all countries. Read some Naomi Klein books though or Noam Chomski and one might start to question these things - mostly because of past actions of the world. They say we are done with neoliberalism - probably because capitalism and international business (the world getting smaller) is here to stay today (in the modern world).


How much of a threat to freedom and our humanity is all this really? I am liking a good amount of what President Biden is doing today such as pulling out of Afghanistan and raising taxes on the rich for an infrastructure bill focused on climate change and building resilience to climate change impacts in poor communities (often black and other ethnicities, not white, though there are plenty and plenty of poor white folks as well, of course, levels do matter). I would like answers to these even bigger questions though, on camera, and in like an extended format (like the Joe Rogan show for example - have an episode with Russell Brand, Bezos, Gates, President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Naomi Klein, and Vandana Shiva, or something like that - would be amazing or making Russell Brand himself actually to be the host). 

Update: 2/24/22 : Well, it seems President BIden and the Dems are not whom they say they are at all (I still like Bernie) really. I don't even really trust the U.N. anymore, it seems it's all agenda agenda, and that they don't care about people's lives and livelihoods. - If you don't agree with them and can act on that politically as a Nation, then well, they say screw you. Just look at the suffering going on in Afghanistan...and other issues. Silent on so many issues. They'll condone the U.S. while not really doing anything substantial, it seems like they can always just play that safe position and do. So I don't really know, nor do I care that much, what's important is action. The times are confusing...I think powerful people and institutions should try to be perfect and really strive towards that, even if that means admitting mistakes and correcting oneself, it seems like no one with a large public profile or high authority ever wants to admit of making a mistake or correcting their position or stances on things (time reveals the more perfect truth or course of action, patience can be good but have to take action when it's needed as well...).

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