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Truth, Freedom, Politics and Global Neoliberal Capitalism

Super interesting video. I pondered this question myself and about the best way forward...I don't know if my solutions etc. are the answer but if realized, they could be decent, but still, technology and forces beyond any imaginable control - the progress or anthropomorphization of the world (as like shown in the previous blog post's main video), you know, ....

Interesting NDE video: - Put forth good deeds. I wonder what any one man can do to really change things around. Of course life won't ever be perfect especially if you believe in the hereafter - we will be tested.

There's so much that we can do that doesn't help us or any others and so much we can do. I am not perfect. Follow no one. Actions matter most but words can heal or hurt etc. (the tongue as a sword). Control self and it's emotions...and be cognizant and kind.


From a Muslim Perspective - Christian friends...Yes.

Lets not be divided over religious beliefs. I feel as a Muslim convert, sometimes like...scared a bit honestly of people's judgement of just being a Muslim and people thinking that that is a bad thing or something and I don't want people to be angry or think or say things that are bad unto them potentially in the eyes of the Most High. I am not the greatest talker or the best at holding my emotions and keeping cool during more tense conversations so....While at the same time, I have a want to be a strong and upright man. But there is a balance between humbleness and boastful and being upright and strong and nice and good no prophet PBUT.


Jan. 31 - Feb. 2 2022

In response to the above JRE episode with Dr. Jordan B Peterson (whom I like, but don't agree with all his opinions/views) - the first > 30 minutes or so:

Need to make a video...


Responding to Dr. Jordan B. Peterson on Jan. 25 2022 Episode of the Joe Rogan Experience:

Is it not a problem then if the super-wealthy people and corporations of the world were to then actually spend their money on real things? -- They would/could basically buy up everything on the face of the earth.

(- Obviously, then things would skyrocket in value and cause massive inflation and the poor who don't own much would be made super poor...Not unlike the situation, we have today really truly, there is still opportunity, but at what cost? What is needed to get there? Money and wealth gain wealth and power because people are labor and money rules all without any care for people or the planet and what happens to it- save government making rules to protect us. That is democracy and socialism in my estimation is the increase of democracy to people from the bottom up - from the top down. )

What is a "free market"? - (Who makes the rules? Slavery use to be normal in this country, should people be allowed to be bought and sold still? Obviously, we can agree on a moral basis that that isn't good or right). If money can buy power and influence government and governments - such is the case, obviously that leads to oligarchy, monopolization, and what is turning into a techno-feudal capitalist society possibly (plug in, tune out, - light it, drink it, inject it up) between the haves and the have-nots which is what we have had for awhile now and is basically starting to eat itself/destroy itself because of human greed and arrogance one could say (I suppose). - Especially harmful to the planet, as you were pointing out on your point about the ocean floor being destroyed by ships trowling it for food to be sold on the market. - You have to have rules and limits and governments are the only entities able to actually make and enforce those rules and limits.

The socialist argument is much the same and I would like to bring forth some ideas that are congruent with your idea of helping the LDC's (lesser developed countries) develop with the priority being to fight global warming/sustainability

(disagree with your views on that and was disappointed in them honestly but it's okay - you should stick to your fields of expertise in my opinion. - In response to some of that on what you were saying, I would say, scientists don't claim models as infallible; it (science) is an on going process that seeks to reduce error over time; there are only a few known greenhouse gases so it's not that complicated to make models based on inputs of those greenhouse gases - but it is because it is the whole world and it's complicated, obviously, but that's the process of perfecting the models and our scientific understanding of climate and it's interactions with the world (the biosphere etc. etc.) and our sun as well obviously)).

for a move towards a more just and sustainable society and world as we enter a time in which one could say, massive change needs to happen for us to stave off the worst possible effects of climate change and a climate disaster; and set up our world and society(s) to be able to actually progress and have (more) resiliency in the face of perpetually worse and worse climate change impacts (that we'll have to deal with, even as we try to adjust our systems and ways of living to lessen our impact on the climate and the environment of the world) (DO WANT a circular economy, DON'T want a "Great Reset" brought on by elites - don't trust them).

Now, a steady-state global economy or currency (and true Islamic economics, whatever that may be, but it would start with that and a 2.5% tax ON WEALTH) would definitely be a very good option but another decent option (one I came up with) would be to base currency creation off of tangible things -> human progress (technologically or developmentally, etc.).



Just started to watch, the first words: "So we led the show today, with talk of WORLD WAR 3..."



Add a cool Islam video:

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