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Team America Sex Scene Uncut _HOT_

The biggest controversy that the film caused at the time was with the MPAA, whose backwards rating system had previously been lampooned by Parker and Stone in South Park: Bigger, Longer And Uncut. The infamous puppet sex scene between Gary and team-mate Lisa had to be submitted nine times before it could be passed with an R rating, rather than the prohibitive NC-17.

team america sex scene uncut

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The details of the team's protracted fight with the MPAA can be summed up nicely by an incredibly NSFW memo sent by Matt Stone to the studio, detailing all of the (incredibly nasty) issues that were addressed since the previous submission and ending with the post-script, "This is my favorite memo ever." Fans will notice that the final point addressed refers to a gag that ended up being cut from the film, as Stone points out that they left in "the scenes with Cartman's mom and the horse," describing said scenes as a "joke we really want to fight for." They may not have gotten their way, but they did get the last laugh; as the MPAA objected to the word "hell" in the original title South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose, the duo changed it to a blatant penis joke, which apparently went over just fine.

It's recently been found that modern PG-13 films contain about the same level of violence as R-rated ones, especially when it comes to depictions of gun violence. But apparently, some specific types of injuries simply will not fly, as Marvel Studios found out when submitting the first and second cuts of their blockbuster team-up Marvel's The Avengers to the ratings board. According to Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige, the first two cuts came back with an R rating due to Agent Phil Coulson's "death" scene at the hands of Loki.

The MPAA found it too violent and gave it an NC-17 rating. So, Woo trimmed it down and resubmitted it, getting another NC-17 rating. He had to make 20 cuts across 5 more submissions before it finally got an R-rating, which chopped down its opening chase sequence and the burning warehouse finale. The fully uncut version has still never seen a home release in the US, but it can be found abroad. However, the best scene, where Van Damme punches a snake, can be found in any version.

Shockingly, it got the NC-17 rating for sexual content. So, the makers replaced the hardcore scenes with softer equivalents to retain its runtime and get an R rating. Surprisingly, the uncut edition did make it into US cinemas. It also got released in Germany with an FSK 16 rating (for people aged 16 and up), so German teens could see the titular act in this documentary but would have to wait 2 more years before they can buy the FSK 18-rated Yakuza 0 from stores.

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